search for printable logos and print the size you like

Search for printable logos and print the size you like

Friday Master Builder competed in the National Geographic Geography Bee. One round of questions was on sports geography. It got me thinking of how to turn the Super Bowl into a geography lesson. I decided to print out the team logos, laminate them and create a game using a United States Map.

It only took a couple minutes to search for printable NFL team logos. I printed them out, laminated them and Master Builder has already started playing with them.  I printed out a list of the team names to help. She is trying to figure out where the cities are located. It is great to see her reasoning out whether they are cities or states. The laminating is optional but I can see this becoming a Super Bowl tradition.

We have a large bulletin size map that is meant for coloring but any map should work depending on the size of your logos. You can print one out at Printable World Map. I also found this dry erase map on Amazon that   could be fun.

I think tonight I will put the logos in a can and we will take turns drawing them out and finding where they belong. Games always increase the buy-in.

This lesson could be used for any sport around the world! Any easy way to learn about the world without the tears.

Tonight of course I may have to throw in some fractions too (quarters, half-time). And I almost forgot Roman Numeral!!!!