The picture I use to represent was taken at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It is a reenactment of one the most moving scenes I have ever seen in a movie. Every time I see Sawyer put his hand on the glass and his mother realize that he is engaged and inspired I choke up. That is the moment I am waiting for with my girls. The moment they find their passion, their inspiration.

It looks like my youngest, who we have nicknamed Dolphin Girl, will be following in Sawyer’s foot steps. Every day she begs us to move to Clearwater so she can be closer to Winter, Hope and Nicholas. She checks on Winter (live webcams on before bed and is writing (copying?) her own dolphin book.

Over the summer we took our first field trip to the CMA or Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It is like no other aquarium that I have ever been to. Their mission is to educate people while they are rescuing marine life. Sure, the success of the movies has added a commercial layer to the place but at its heart you are up close with three of the most amazing creatures you have ever seen. While it is a small facility we went back two days in a row and are planning a return trip for Dolphin Girl’s 6th birthday! There is so much to see and learn there. I feel like we just scratched the surface on our last trip.

If you are planning a trip I will be laying out lessons and tips over the next couple of weeks to help you prep for your visit and extend the fun!

If you haven’t seen the movies or read the true story that is the place to start though.